You Can Always Count on Me

(4 parts - 22.500 words - complete) 


This serial describes a friendship between SHADO pilot Craig Collins and Skydiver captain Lew Waterman and shows Colonel Collins' character  in a complex and more pleasant way than he was presented in the episode "The Man Who Came Back".


Part 1: Fight for Survival               (5.400 words)  

Part 2: Friends Will Be Friends     (6.700 words)  

Part 3: Lost Without You               (9.200 words) 


Epilog: A Letter From Beyond       (1.200 words)

Monologues After Death                (2.500 words)



(2 parts - xxx words - not complete)  


He had a flat tyre. Today of all days; a flat tyre. He stood and looked at the car, hoping that he was mistaken, that it was a trick of the light, or soft ground or anything other than the obvious. But no .... 


 Part 1: Break down                         (80KB / 8.300 words)