Going to a Meeting 


I’ve to hurry. Ed called … sorry, Commander Ed Straker. He is my boss, both as manager of Harlington-Straker film studios and commander of SHADO. I’m his secretary as long as I’m in the service of the organisation. It was General Henderson who offered me the job, and after ten years working for the MI6 I was glad to find another task. I like my job. It’s … different in many ways. Ed Straker is a firm, but fair superior, with a special sense of humour – if you know him better, as I do.


Uh, there’s Miss Holland, she takes over for the next hours, while I’m in the meeting. “I’ve to go, Miss Holland, thanks for coming.”  


I look at my watch. Oh dear, I really have to hurry now. I take the secret elevator, which serves as Ed Straker’s studio office as well. Do I have all he asked me for? The folders of the new recruits, the dictaphone, the yellow and green highlighters and the notebook. Yes, all in its place.


There we are. Colonel Freeman smiles at me, sending me an encouraging wink. Now the right corridor to the end, then left and the second door. The conference room. I hear excited voices, a buzz of those who are waiting in that room for me. My first meeting with Commander Straker and the “rookies”, how Colonel Foster named them yesterday when he brought the folders. Ed wants me to talk about SHADO’s history and the routines of the everyday work on and under the studio lot.


I’ve reached the door now. I stop for a moment, taking a deep breath. It will work out all right. Keep smiling, Adrienne Ealand! I open the door and the gazes of five new colleagues are following me to the desk in front of them. In the corner of the room, Ed Straker and Paul Foster, sitting, watching, waiting for my first words.


I clear my throat and straighten my sholders. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, nice to have you here at SHADO."


                                                             THE END 


Miss Ealand



NOTE: Written to a prompt ("Going to a meeting. First person, present tense"). Can also be found on The Shado Archive under www.shadoarchive.com. 


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